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Resumption of Rehabilitation on Dump to Border Roadway Manchester
published: 11/12/2014

Rehabilitative work is to resume along the Caine shop to Highgate Hall main road in Manchester. An additional 10 million dollars has been approved for this project. The road which is a major link between Christiansa, Manchester and heavily populated farmi...read more

Other News Items :

Emergency Patching Along Corporate Area Main Roads and Bus Routes published :17/12/2014
Starting today Wednesday, December 17, 2014, the National Works Agency (NWA) will embark on the first phase of an emergency pot hole patching programme along selected main roads and bus routes in the corporate area. ...read more

Weather Impacting NWA’s Ability to Clear Blocked Roads published :17/12/2014
Continuous rainfall in St. Mary, Portland and St. Catherine is affecting the efforts of the National Works Agency to clear blocked roads and assess the damage to infrastructure. ...read more

Heavy Rains Leave Several Roads Blocked in Portland/St. Mary published :15/12/2014
Heavy rainfall during the past 48 hours has resulted in the blockage of roadways in Portland and St. Mary. Stephen Shaw, Manager of Communication and Customer Services at the National Works Agency (NWA) says that in Western Portland four blockages occurre ...read more

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