General Road Repairs and Maintenance

Parish Road Sectionsort descending Project Type Road Type Status
St. Catherine Spanish Town – Bamboo; Upper – Lower Homestead; Bog Walk – Fletcher’s Street; Vanity Fair – Tavern Hill; Gutters – Free Town Patching NWA 40%
St. James Adelphi-Kent Patching NWA 10%
Clarendon Aenon Town - Mckoy Road Rehabilitation NWA 100%
St. Mary Agualta Vale to Broadgate Periodic Maintenance NWA 100%
Trelawny Albert Town – Troy Patching NWA 20%
Hanover Albert Town – Troy Patching NWA 20%
St. Thomas Albion - Llandewey Road Rehabilitation NWA 60%
St. Ann Alexandria to Greenock Bridge Periodic Maintenance NWA Awarded
St. Catherine All Constituencies Periodic Maintenance NWA 80%
Portland Alligator Church, Rio Grande Valley Retaining Wall NWA 70%