Buff Bay Valley Retaining Wall Project - Western Portland


The Buff Bay Valley Retaining Wall Project commenced in May 2009. This project was developed to address several major breakaways affecting a section of roadway in the Buff Bay Valley of western Portland, 20 kilometres in length. Thirteen of these breakaways had become worse during the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav in 2008.

Contract and Scope of Works

A contract in the sum of J$300 million was awarded to Surrey Paving and Aggregates Limited. The works included construction of retaining walls, 12,000M2 of asphaltic concrete works along sections of the affected roadway and re-construction of kerbs and other drainage structures.

The details are outlined below.

Contractor Location Description of Works
Surrey Paving & Aggregates Limited Section District Construction of Retaining Walls
  Cascade I & II  
  Cedar Hurst  
  Hardware Gap / Brinamwood  
  Mullet Hall  
  Jacklyn Road - Free Town  
  Buff Bay Valley Station - Section  
  Blue Mountain Bike Stop  

These works have been completed since December 2009.

Project Timeline: 
Monday, September 1, 2008 to Tuesday, December 1, 2009