Glossary of Terms

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Abutment End support of a bridge
Administrative Assistant An Officer with responsibility for providing administrative support to the Director or Manager
Administrative Manager An Officer with responsibility for supervising the administrative duties of a Regional Office.
Aggregate The gravels, crushed stones and sand that is mixed with cement and water to make concrete or used in other forms of road constructions. Gravels, sand, crushed stone, granite, basalt, hard types of limestone, sandstone are forms of aggregate.
Alligator Cracks These are interconnected cracks forming a series of small blocks resembling alligator skin, or chicken wire.
APM Assistant Parish Manager
Approach Earth works which lead directly up to a bridge.
Approach Road The roads which lead directly up to a bridge.
Arterial Roads - Class A Roads Roads of natural importance. Carry daily traffic volumes in excess of 1000 vehicles. Link one or more areas of the island with other major national regions.
Asphalt (Bitumen) By-product of petroleum distillation. A viscous liquid or solid material, black or brown in colour, having adhesive qualities derived from petroleum or natural deposits.
Asphalt Cement The basic material of the asphalt family. It is used to make hot overlay mixes, surface treatment seal coats, and for filling certain types of road surface cracks.
Asphaltic Concrete Aggregate mixed with asphalt or bitumen.
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