Recruitment Policy

All permanent recruitment is based on a minimum entry academic standard of four (4) CXC subjects, at least at level three, or equivalent qualification, including English language and mathematics, and matching a competency profile comprising at least four (4) core competencies, except as otherwise approved by the CEO.

The qualifications and person requirements for each position is clearly stated on job descriptions and communicated in all advertisements.

Management and director vacancies are advertised simultaneously internally and externally to attract the best qualified candidates for the position and to encourage open competition.
Vacancies for positions below management level are advertised internally first and if no suitable candidate is found, external candidates are invited. 

Where appropriate the Director of HRM & Administration utilises external expertise of a recruitment company or undertake selective recruitment campaigns e.g., at the university, schools and job fairs.

All applications must be made in writing. Internal advertisements are placed on the agency’s staff notice board together with details of vacant posts elsewhere in the public service that have been sent to the NWA.

The selection process includes the following four stages designed to ensure the best qualified candidate is selected:

  • Preliminary shortlist;
  • First interview;
  • Competency assessment, and;
  • Screening and final interview.

At the end of the selection process, candidates are advised if they have been successful. At the discretion of the Director of HRM & Administration feedback is given to unsuccessful applicants.

All candidates are considered on the basis of their written application submission judged against the job and person requirements. The candidates who meet the key job requirements are placed on the first interview shortlist. Depending upon the number of applicants, the Director of HRM & Administration may decide to raise the standards required for short-listing in order to keep the number of candidates for further consideration at manageable levels.