Mission, Vision and Values


To plan, build and maintain a reliable, safe and efficient main road network and flood control system, which:

  • Protect life and property;
  • Support the movement of people, goods and services;
  • Reduce the cost of transportation;
  • Promote economic growth and quality of life;
  • Protect the environment.


The National Works Agency will create a world class, safe, and quality main road network, which meets the needs of our clients in the towns, communities and districts where they vacation, work and live.


The following value statements represent the set of beliefs that define our organizational behaviour.


We believe that our principal strength is our people and that our success will depend on our ability to provide them with the tools and environment to allow them to excel.


We demonstrate trust and respect for each other, our partners and stakeholders, through open and honest communication.


We respect the values, principles and opinions of the public, as they help define our goals and evaluate our performance.


We continuously strive for excellence, quality service, value for money, fiscal prudence, flexibility, creativity and innovation.


We commit to treating all persons, with whom we come in contact, fairly and without regards to their sex, race, religion, political affiliation or the community to which they belong.