National Road Services Improvement Programme

As part of its ongoing drive to reduce the pace at which the island-wide main road network is deteriorating, the NWA has put together an enhanced routine maintenance programme, covering 1,800 kilometres of roadway. The National Road Services Improvement Programme (NARSIP) is being implemented in five parishes at a cost of US$18.5 million, (J$1.2 billion). Of this amount 54% or US$9.9 million is being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and the remaining 46% or US$8.4 million, (Government counterpart) coming from the Road Maintenance Fund.

This programme during its pilot phase is limited to five (5) parishes and seeks to address approximately one third of the main road network. The parishes included in the pilot are:

  • Portland
  • St. Thomas
  • St. Catherine
  • Manchester and
  • Westmoreland.

Under the terms of the agreement with for the ongoing maintenance of these roadways, the following obtain:

  • All drains are to be cleaned for the life of the contract.
  • All vegetation growth is to be kept between 50 and 400 mm in height, as required for the life of the contract.
  • All damaged traffic signs are to be replaced within the first year of the contract and in subsequent years as required.
  • All potholes that exceed 150 mm in diameter, but are less than 5m by 5m and greater than 50 mm in depth are to be repaired immediately by the contractor. (All road sections must be free of potholes during the life of the contract).
  • All road repairs carried out under the contract is guaranteed by the contractor for the duration of the contract.
  • The removal of dead animals, garbage and other debris creating traffic hazard are as follows:
    1. Class A roads – within 2 hours.
    2. Class B roads – within 24 hours.
    3. Class C roads – within 2 d