The Palisadoes Peninsula Shoreline Protection and Rehabilitation


The Palisadoes Peninsula, located in Eastern St. Andrew, extends approximately 14 metres westward from Caribbean Terrace (to include the Round-About at Harbour View) to the historic township of Port Royal.

Consistent surges which occur as a result of natural disasters such as flood rains including those accompanying tropical storms and hurricanes, have over the years, led to the massive erosion of the peninsula’s natural dune.

The Government of Jamaica has partnered with the Government of China which has provided a loan through the China EXIM Bank to effect immediate repair and protection of the extensively degraded shoreline of the Palisadoes Peninsula.

The Contract

Contactor China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC)
Contract Sum US$65,377,404.62
Contract Period Eighteen (18) months

Scope of Works / Design

  • Rock Revetment walls will be constructed along 2.65 kilometres of the shoreline of the Caribbean Sea-side of the Palisadoes Peninsula; and 3.6 kilometres along the Harbour-side, from near Harbour View to the vicinity of Gunboat Beach.
  • The road will be raised from its existing levels of 0.6 – 1.0 metre, to 2.4 - 3.2 metres above sea level.
  • Additional drainage facilities will be placed along the roadway of the Caribbean Sea side. This includes fourteen (14) drop inlets and culverts, as well as 4,700 metres of swales. This drainage system is necessary in order to conduct both rainfall derived runoff and overtopping during design conditions.
  • A 10-meter wide boardwalk will be constructed on the Harbour side of the Peninsula. The width of the boardwalk is intended to facilitate walking and jogging (on either side of the roadway); and cycling (on one side).
  • A lay-by with benches will also be installed along the roadway; as well as
  • Eighteen (18) solar powered street lamps, placed at 200 metres apart, along the Harbour Side.
  • Rehabilitative and protective works along the Peninsula have been designed for a 100-Year Return Period (i.e. the shoreline will be expected to withstand storm surges only anticipated to re-occur every 100 years). A design rainfall intensity of 178mm per 24 hours was utilized in this design.

Project Status

  • The Contractor is presently in the process of identifying a suitable area along the Palisadoes road reservation for set up of site office.
  • Ground-Breaking for the Palisadoes shoreline rehabilitation and protection is scheduled for April 20, 2010.
Project Timeline: 
Thursday, April 1, 2010 to Saturday, October 1, 2011