Proposed Traffic Circulation Plans for Montego Bay


Existing Traffic Circulation in Montego Bay Town Centre
Proposed Traffic Circulation - Plan 1
Proposed Traffic Circulation - Plan 2

  1. Barnett Street and Howard Cooke Boulevard

    • The existing one-way on Barnett Street will be extended to Howard Cooke Boulevard. Presently, Barnett Street branches off into a two-way flow at some point after its intersection with St. James Street.
    • The change will result in the entire corridor along Barnett Street becoming a One-way heading northwesterly from its intersection with Cottage Road to the Barnett Street/ Howard Cooke Boulevard Intersection.
    • No Right-turning movement will be allowed from Howard Cooke Boulevard onto Barnett Street.
    • The intersection of Barnett Street and Howard Cooke Boulevard will be signalized.
  2. St. James Street and Barnett Street

    • The one-way movement on St. James Street will be extended to Barnett Street. Presently St. James Street is one-way travelling south toward Creek Street. This one-way movement ends at Barnett Street’s intersection with Creek Street where it faces a one-way movement coming from the opposite direction i.e. north towards Creek Street.
    • With the new traffic changes, this conflicting one-way flow in opposite directions type system on St. James Street will be eliminated.
    • No right turn will be allowed from Barnett Street onto St. James Street.
    • The intersection of Barnett Street and St. James Street will be signalized.
  3. Market Street, Harbour Street and Strand Street

    • The One-Way movement on Strand Street will be reversed to harmonize with the one-way movement on Creek Street. Presently Strand Street is one-way heading north (from its intersection with Creek Street) towards Market Street.
    • With the circulation change, Strand Street will become one-way in the reverse direction, i.e., south, heading from Market Street towards its intersection with Creek Street where the one-way movement will continue, east along Creek Street (then onto Cottage Road).
    • Right Turning movement will be prohibited from St. James Street onto Creek Street, coming from Barnett Str