R. A. Murray Priority Bridge Programme Update Phase II

Phase II & III Construction

(Status at April 7, 2010)

Bridge Name Parish Status Comments
Angels River Clarendon Completed  
Worthy Park St. Catherine Completed  
Milk River Clarendon Completed  
Johnson River St. Thomas Completed  
Martha Brae Trelawny Completed  
Sevens River St. James Completed  
Bog Walk St. Catherine 95%
  • Substantial completion of bridge structure.
  • Waterline Truss and 8" line installed.
  • Approaches, paving was scheduled to commence week of March 7, 2010, however small water distribution lines located below approaches are being repaired and relocated deeper underground. The waterline works has delayed the project by one month.
Gordon Town St. Andrew Completed  
Queens River Hanover Completed  
Black River Portland Completed  

Phase III

(Status at June 11, 2009)

Bridge Name Parish Status Comments
Springfield Clarendon Completed  
Fairfield St. James Completed  
Steer Town St. Ann 20%
  • Structural Steel installation completed.
  • Deck forms installed.
  • Deck rebar substantially completed.
  • Scheduled concrete pour to deck April 10, 2010.
  • Retaining wall for road widening is underway.
Troy Trelawny 50%
  • Piling works completed.
  • North Abutment footing poured.
  • Projected completion of construction - June 2010
Alligator Church Portland Completed  

Horse Savannah St. Thomas

  • Bypass road and preliminary works completed
  • Design of new bridge is complete
  • Scheduled start of construction has been deferred.