Road Projects in Clarendon

Rehabilitation Works

Location Length Activity Status Cost Contractor
Top Alston – Butler’s Run 1.1 KM Rehabilitation 100% $14.5 M Force Account
Smithville - Frankfield 6.2 KM Rehabilitation, construction of retaining walls, drains 75% $39 M Force Account
Orange Hill – Nine Turn 3.7KM Rehabilitation. Construction of retaining walls, drains 75% $20M Force Account
Ritchie’s – Nine Turn 4 KM Rehabilitation, construction of Gabion Walls, U&V drains, culverts 60% $29 M Force Account
Trout Hall (Coffee Factory)   Gabion Wall 85% $29 M Rodgers Land Developers
Smithville – Corn Hill 1.9 KM Rehabilitation, construction of U drain, retaining wall, culvert 90% $29 M Rodgers Land Developers
White Shop – Spalding’s - Alston   Construction of RR Retaining Wall 99% $10 M SWC Construction
Trout Hall - Grantham   Construction of Gabion Walls 90% $22 M SG Simpson Construction Co. Ltd.
Dyke Hill Road   Rehabilitation, construction of Gabion retaining Wall, V drains, culverts 60% $29 M SG Simpson Construction Co. Ltd.
Trout Hall – James Hill   Construction of Gabion retaining Walls 90% $10 M Skymar Building Construction and Maintenance Ltd.
Andrew Hill – Barns Path 2 KM Rehabilitation, construction of RR Retaining Walls, V drains 40% $24 M Build Rite Construction Co.
Hazard Drive, May Pen 2 KM Rehabilitation, construction of V drains 95% $24 M Melvin Jones Construction
Chateau Road, May Pen 4.3 KM Rehabilitation, construction of U&V drains 95% $95 M Build Rite Construction
Craig Head - Ballinure 8 KM Rehabilitation, construction of RR Retaining Walls, V drains 85% $75 m CAB Construction

Sheet Patching

Road Sections
  • May Pen – Sour Sop Turn
  • Danks – Mears Bridge (including Pennants and Summerfield)
  • Grantham – Trout Hall
  • Grantham – Spalding’s
  • Victoria – Thompson Town
  • Victoria – Sunberry
Quantity of Patching 25,000M2
Cost $40 Million
Contractor Force Account
Status 100%

Rehabilitation of Roads

  • Allen Town
  • Flowers Corner
  • Santa Hill
  • Wiss Bitch
  • Cabbage Hill

N.B. These five roads are 70 – 80% complete. The cost for rehabilitation is $24 million and the project is being undertaken through Force Account.

  • Stewarton
  • Reeves – Mocho
  • Church Valley

N.B. Eight million dollars has been allocated to rehabilitate these three roads, however work is still in progress and matching funds of $5 million has been allocated to complete the project. These works are being undertaken by Force Account Teams.

  • Evan’s Avenue

Three million dollars ($3M) has been allocated to rehabilitate and overlay this roadway which is being undertaken by Force Account.

  • Back Pennants and Crawle

Rehabilitation of both theses roads is complete at a cost of $13 million, done by Force Account.

Emergency Gabion Works

Location Duppy Wood
Cost $6.6 million
Contractor SG Simpson Construction Co. Ltd.
Status 100%

Retaining Wall

Location Toll Gate
Cost $4.9 million
Contractor Danville Construction
Status 100%

Routine Maintenance Patching (in progress)

Road Sections Free Town - Four Paths Fairfield May Pen - Lionel Town Lionel Town - Rocky Point
Quantity of Patching 4,000M2
Cost $7.2 million
Contractor Keith Osbourne & Son

Drain Cleaning


  • Jack’s Gully
  • May Pen – Sour Sop Turn drain
  • Aenonan Town drains
  • Fleming’s Gully
  • St. Jago Road drains
  • Content drains
  • York Town drains
  • Lionel Town, Portland Cottage, Rocky Point drains
  • Big Hole drains
  • Sandy River drains
  • Pennants drains
  • Summerfield drains
  • Bushy Park drains

Fifty million dollars ($50 million) has been spent to clean drains in the parish. Paved drains have been constructed at Western Park.