Segment 1A Northern Coastal Highway Improvement Project (Bogue Road)

Progress of work, as at May 2009 

Segment 1A of the Northern Coastal Highway Improvement Project (NCHIP) is valued at approximately J$1.4 billion dollars. The project is being executed by local contractors Surrey Paving and Aggregates Limited and is being financed through an agreement with the Government of Jamaica and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Fund for International Development.

Segment 1A involves the much anticipated widening of theBogue Main Road in Montego Bay, St. James and the rehabilitation of six bridges which were previously constructed under Segment One of the NCHIP. This segment extended from the outskirts of the Bogue main road in St. James to the Negril Round-a-bout in the parish of Westmoreland.

The Bogue corridor is a major entrance point to the city of Montego Bay for both visitors and locals. It has been the source of lengthy traffic delays during the morning and afternoon peak hours, resulting from limited capacity of the existing two lane corridor. As more developments have come to the Western City, this situation has worsened, resulting in the loss of productive hours.

Scope of the Works

In response to this situation, the government has embarked on a programme to widen the existing two lane corridor to accommodate four lanes of traffic with improved intersection designs and significant drainage improvements.

The project begins 300 metres west of the Reading intersection and extends 300 metres west of the Fairfield intersection. The project also entails the reconstruction of 1.5 kilometers of roadway perpendicular to the Segment 1A of the highway, from the West Green Round-a-bout, along the Fairfield Main Road and extending to the Granville intersection.

Segment 1A of the NCHIP also involves the rehabilitation of six bridges located along segment One of the NCHIP. These bridges are located between the town of Green Island and SandyBay in Hanover. This phase of the project involves remedial works to the approaches and the surfaces of the following bridges:

  • Barbican (Sandy Bay)
  • White Gut (Sandy Bay)
  • Mosquito Cove
  • Lucea East
  • Davis Cove  
  • Probyn (Green Island)

Project start date:

April, 2009

Progress to date:

  • Boundary fences near National Water Commission’s Plant being relocated
  • New embankment being created for first two lanes
  • Over 70% of Power lines relocated
  • Cable and Wireless (Lime) Ducts relocated
Project Timeline: 
Wednesday, April 1, 2009