Segment Three, North-Coast Highway Project

Northern Coastal Highway Improvement Project - Segment Three July 2009

Project Title NCHIP - Segment Three Ocho Rios to Port Antonio
Design Consultant Nicholas O'Dwyer, Ireland
Contractor E. Pihl & Sons
Project Management NJDP - NWA
Contract Sum J$5,689,862,369
Financed by the European Union / GoJ

Progress of Works

Segment Three of the Northern Coastal Highway Improvement Project (NCHIP), spans 97 kilometres of roadway, located between Ocho Rios, St. Ann and Bryan's Bay, in Port Antonio, Portland. The project has been completed since June 30, 2009. The defects liability period wherein the contractor is responsible to abate any defects ends in June 2010.

Work on the project commenced in January 2006 and was originally scheduled to be completed in 2008. Heavy rainfall during this period, as well as structural malfunctions, which resulted in additional work, prevented the project from being completed on the originally scheduled date.

The measured works are as follows:

Earthworks and Sub-base, completed. Approximate
Total Excavation (including structures) 713,000m3
Total Fill (including structures) 538,000m3
Reinforced Earth Retaining Walls 14,500m2
Gabion boxes and mattresses 13,300m3
Drainage & Structures Approximate
Pipe Culverts 7,400m
Pre-cast Box Culverts 74
In-situ Box Culverts 59
New Bridges 8
Extension of Existing Bridges 3
Reinforced Concrete 14,667m3
Steel Reinforcement 1,138t
Driven Steel H piles 6,400m
Kerbs 81,000m
Pavement Approximate
Sub-base 250,000m3
Crushed Stone Basecourse 160,000m3
Asphaltic Concrete 75,050m3
Road Furniture Approximate
W beam steel guardrails 15,000m
Concrete half barriers 2,400m
Concrete bridge barriers 548m
Metal bridge barriers 370m
Pavement marking 288,850m
Traffic signs 670
Relocation of Waterlines Approximate
Relocate PVC pipes, 12mm to 300mm diameters 35,000m
Relocate ductile iron pipes, 100mm to 450mm diameter 10,500m
Miscellaneous values 83

Base course and Asphalt Binder course and wearing course has been placed on approximately 97 kilometres of roadway.

Bridges replaced/repaired

  • White River #1
  • Oracabessa
  • Rio Nuevo
  • Salt River
  • Pencar
  • Dry River
  • Bargain River
  • White River #3
  • Buff Bay River
  • Spanish River
  • Haughton River
  • Daniels River
  • Wag Water Bridge
  • Annotto Bay Bridge
  • Arch Bridge
  • Swift River

Other Safety related project activities completed

  • Bus Bays/Laybys
  • Passing Lanes
  • Right turning lanes


  • Section 1 – Ocho Rios to Oracabessa (20 km)
  • Section 2 – Oracabessa to Port Maria (13km)
  • Section 3 – Port Maria to Agualtavale (17 km)
  • Section 4 – Agualtavale to Buff Bay (20 km)
  • Section 5 – Buff Bay to Port Antonio (26 km)
Project Timeline: 
Sunday, January 1, 2006 to Tuesday, June 30, 2009