Tom's River to Agualta Vale Road Rehabilitation


In 2008 the Government of Jamaica engaged the services of DIWI Consultant International GmbH to carry out re-design of the roadway between Tom’s River and Agualta Vale in St. Mary.
The design was completed in early 2009. This project involves the rehabilitation of approximately 18 kilometres of road and appurtenances between Tom’s River and Agualta Vale. The roadway will have a design life of twenty (20) years.

Scope of Works

The scope of works includes the following:

  1. Roadwork’s
    Approximately 18 kilometres of paved two-lane carriageway, 7.3 metres wide with paved shoulders where possible. Alternative to shoulders will be sidewalks where possible.
  2. Drainage
    All existing pipe and box culverts will be replaced or improved and new ones added in order to provide adequate drainage. Approximately 77 new culverts, 120 auxiliary drains and 15 kilometres of side drains will be installed.
  3. Safety
    Curve widening, cat’s eye on the roadway, luminous road markings, reflective road signs, reflective markers on guard rails and pedestrian crossings. Environmental mitigation measures will also be employed.
  4. Paved Shoulders
    Paved shoulders will be constructed for non-motorised road users. Information signs will be installed and bus shelters constructed.

Preparatory Works

The Government of Jamaica is now in the process to provide "clear and unrestricted access" along the corridor.

This includes:

  • Acquisition of all necessary lands
  • Resettlement of the affected population
  • Relocation of affected utilities

Achievements to date

  • Substantially completed the identification of affected parcels (350).
  • Tenders for Land Acquisition Surveying were returned in December 2009.
  • Land Acquisition is scheduled for completion in December 2010.
  • The six contract packages were signed during the months of March and April 2010.

The table below provides details on progress up to June 2010.

Contract Package Location Date of Signing Progress
Package 1 Tom's River - Castleton March 22, 2010 30%
Package 2 Castleton - Grandy Hole April 16, 2010 15%
Package 3 Grandy Hole - Devon Pen April 16, 2010 25%
Package 4 Devon Pen - Broadgate March 23, 2010 25%
Package 5 Broadgate - Georgia April 22, 2010 15%
Package 6 Georgia - Agualta Vale April 22, 2010 15%