Transportation Infrastructure Rehabilitation Programme - Yallahs River Training Works


The Yallahs River Training/Protective Works project is designed to confine the Yallahs River in a prescribed channel, reduce flooding in nearby communities and to ensure that the recently constructed Yallahs Bridge remains protected from overflowing flood waters throughout its design life.

This River Training project is a continuation of a previous project during which 304 metres of the river protective works was completed on each side of the channel. The allocation is listed below.

Contractor Length
L & K Construction 152  metres
Sean D Construction Limited 152 metres
Gabion and Structures Limited 152 metres
Surrey Paving and Aggregates Limited 152 metres
Total 608 metres

The present plan is to undertake an additional 460 metres of protective works on each side of the channel. The details are outlined below.

Contractor Length
L & K Construction 230  metres
Sean D Construction Limited 230 metres
Gabion and Structures Limited 230 metres
Surrey Paving and Aggregates Limited 230 metres
Total 920 metres

In addition to the protective works to be undertaken by the four contractors, cleaning and realignment of the channel (earthworks) has been carried out by the one the National Works Agency’s Force Account Teams. It is anticipated that 120,000M3 of river-bed material will be removed from the channel and used to form the embankment.

The estimated cost of the earthworks is J$40 million. Both the earthworks and protective works are scheduled to be completed by June 2010.

Project Timeline: 
Friday, January 1, 2010 to Wednesday, June 30, 2010