Upper Rio Grande Valley Retaining Wall Project - Eastern Portland


Heavy rainfall in the Upper Rio Grande Valley area of eastern Portland in late December 2008, resulted in major breakaways at Kent, Ginger House and Friday. Sections of the roadway between Seaman's Valley and Millbank was reduced to single lane or rendered impassable.

Contract and Scope of Works

A contract in the sum of J$202 million was awarded to N.F. Barnes Construction Company Limited to construct three retaining walls at Kent, Ginger House and Friday. The walls to be constructed at Friday and Kent are Random Rubble Walls while a Gabion Wall is being constructed at Ginger House. Work on these projects commenced in July 2009.


Wall Percentage Completion
Ginger House Completed
Kent 70%
Friday 15%

Duration of the project is ten (10) months.

Project Timeline: 
Wednesday, July 1, 2009 to Friday, April 30, 2010