Waterloo Bridge, St. Andrew

Project Title Road Widening
Location St. Andrew
Client Representative National Works Agency
KIER Construction Limited
YP Seaton & Associates Co. Ltd.
Contract Sum  
Expected Completion Date
KIER - February 2010
  • ​Upper Waterloo Road
YP Seaton - March 2010
  • Upper Waterloo
  • Road Annette Crescent
  • Old Church Road

Road Widening / Construction

The construction/rehabilitation work to be carried out on approximately 500 metres of the four-lane roadway along Waterloo Road has been divided into two sub-contracts. KIER has been awarded the northern end and YP Seaton the southern end of the roadway. The main contractor is R.A. Murray Limited.

The scope of works is as follows:


  • Upper Waterloo Road - Construction of 250 metres of approach roads from either side of the bridge including drainage works and the installation of approximately 520 metres of sewer lines

YP Seaton

  • Upper Waterloo Road - Construction/rehabilitation of approximately 250 metres of four-lane roadway and appurtenances
  • Annette Crescent – Resurfacing of approximately 630 metres of two-lane roadway and repairs to drainage appurtenances
  • Old Church Road – Resurfacing of approximately 620 metres of two-lane roadway and repairs to drainage appurtenances
  • Dulwich Drive – Resurfacing of approximately 800 metres of two-lane roadway and repairs to drainage appurtenances

Completed Works

  1. Land Acquisition
    Legal access has been obtained for all eight parcels of land identified.
  2. Relocation of Boundary Walls
    One boundary wall remains outstanding due to the need to schedule activities of bridge works. The others are 99.9% complete.
  3. Relocation of Utilities
    All affected utility poles and cables have been relocated as planned.

Status at February 15, 2010


  • Bridge works is substantially completed.
  • Approaches approximately 99.9% complete.
  • Drainage and National Water Commission (NWC) sewer line works 99.9% complete.

YP Seaton

  • ​Annette Crescent: Resurfacing is 99% complete.
  • Old Church Road: Resurfacing IS 99% complete.
  • Dulwich Drive: Resurfacing is 99% complete.
  • Upper Waterloo Road: Earthworks have commenced.
Project Timeline: 
Friday, January 1, 2010 to Wednesday, March 31, 2010