$160 Million Dollar Patching Programme for Western Parishes

Date Published: 
13 Feb 2020

Plans are now in high gear to repair several roadways across the Western Region, through a $160 million dollar Hot Mix Patching programme.  The programme will be undertaken by the National Works Agency (NWA) and will commence before the end of February 2020.


Community Relations Officer for the NWA’s Western Region, Janel Ricketts, says that the programme, which targets approximately 49,000 square metres of roadway, will address the worst affected sections of the targeted roadways.


Ms Ricketts says the programme will see the repair of sections of the Falmouth to Springvale roadway in Trelawny; the Marchmont to Washfoot Gully main road in St James; the stretch of roadway between Riley to Bushmouth in Hanover and the Goodens River to Georges Plain corridor in Westmoreland.


These projects will be undertaken by the Agency’s Force Account teams.