$27-million being spent on replacing defective drain gratings in southeastern parishes

Date Published: 
30 Jul 2019
Defective storm water gratings and missing manhole covers are now being replaced along several roadways in some southeastern parishes. The National Works Agency (NWA) is carrying out these critical works under its $27-million dollar Southeast Region Drainage Improvement Programme.   NWA’s Communication and Customer Services Manager, Stephen Shaw, says the programme, which will benefit the parishes of St. Catherine, St. Thomas, Kingston and St. Andrew, is primarily designed to improve safety and access at the targeted locations.   To date, storm water drain gratings have been replaced at multiple locations in the Duhaney Park community and manhole covers rebuilt and installed along Waltham Park Road. Similar works are scheduled to commence this week on Constant Spring Road in the vicinity of the Half-Way-Tree clocktower.   Other areas slated for attention are the Spanish Town Road/Diamond Avenue intersection in St. Andrew; Bob Marley Boulevard in Cooreville Gardens; Orange and King  Streets in Downtown Kingston and Portmore Drive in St. Catherine.