$80 Million Patching Programme for Western Parishes

Date Published: 
03 Sep 2021

The National Works Agency is undertaking a major effort to repair critical roadways across the Western Region. This follows significant damage to the road infrastructure, following recent flood rains.


Community Relations Officer for the NWA’s Western Region, Janel Ricketts, says that $80 million has been devoted to this targeted approach to improving the ease and safety with which commuters traverse the roadways across the region. This programme involves the patching and local rehabilitation of the worst affected sections of the selected roadways.


Among the roadways to be targeted are the Goodens River to Tollgate roadway in Westmoreland; the Shettlewood to Chester Castle main road in Hanover; the Duncans to Long Pond main road in Trelawny and the stretch of roadway between Barnett and Adelphi in St. James.


 These works are expected to be completed by the end of September 2021.