Blocked Roads in St. Catherine Cleared

Blockages along several roadways in St. Catherine have been cleared and reopened to traffic. However, Stephen Shaw, Manager, Communication and Customer Services at the National Works Agency says seventy three (73) corridors in eight (8) parishes are still partially blocked while seven (7) roadways in three parishes are completely blocked.
In Kingston the seven affected roadways have been fully cleared while in St. Andrew twenty one roadways have been reduced to single lane access. Over in St. Thomas the Bath to Barrett Gap roadway is completely blocked. The other affected corridors in St. Thomas are Bath to Hardley, Bath to Bath Fountain, Trinityville to Cedar Valley, Windsor Forest to Mahogany Vale and Llandewey to Windsor Forest which are open to single lane.
In the Central Region, eighteen (18) corridors in Clarendon are affected by wash down silt, debris and blocked drains. While in St. Elizabeth the Lacovia to Mountainside, Lacovia Old Road to Old Bridge and Luana to Tombstone roadways have been reduced to single lane.

Twenty two roadways in the western parish of St. James have been reduced to single traffic. Work teams are now working to have these roadways fully cleared. In St. Mary five roadways are partially blocked while the Fort George to Camberwell to Georges Hope and Friendship Gap Parish Council Road are completely blocked. Work Teams and heavy equipment have been dispatched to these locations to clear the roadways. The Junction main between Broadgate and Agualta Vale has been cleared to single.

In Portland five roadways have been cleared to single lane access while four remain impassable as they are blocked by landslides. NWA personnel and work teams are at other locations across the island affected by the rains working to o reopen roadways to single lane or clearing all silt, landslips, fallen trees and other debris from the affected corridors.

The National Works Agency is advising motorists who use these roadways to proceed with care, obey posted warning signs as the roadways are slippery.