Chovey slope stabilization substantially complete

Date Published: 
04 Sep 2023

The multimillion-dollar slope protection works at Chovey, St. Mary has been practically completed. The Chovey road is part of the Junction corridor that links Kingston to the North-coast, via Southern St. Mary.

Manager, Communication and Customer Services, Stephen Shaw, says that with the exception of a toe wall, which is to be constructed adjacent to the roadway, works are complete.  Construction of the outstanding toe wall is expected to be completed in the next two weeks.

The community of Chovey is located along the Agualtavale to Broadgate corridor. For over 80 years, the road has been susceptible to land slippage, which at times rendered the corridor impassable.

After years of studying the area and the revision of technical information, the government, through a 321 – million-dollar project undertook the works. The works included the construction of a reinforced concrete wall, boulder protective features and the use of free draining materials as key components.

The road has now been re-established on the new embankment and Mr. Shaw says that it is expected that with the completion of these key features, the road through Junction at Chovey will be more reliable under any weather condition.