Compromised Roadway in Portland

Date Published: 
14 Nov 2023
The National Works Agency is advising extreme caution in using the main road from Tranquility to Bangor Ridge in Portland. A section of the main road is now severely compromised after fire burnt a piped culvert.   MCCS at the NWA, Stephen Shaw says that the burnt culvert was a main support of the section of the embankment for the section of the road.   Mr. Shaw says that new culverts will be installed at the location, however, this will not be done until later this week. Emergency work is now being done to fill the void created by the burnt-out culvert in order to make the corridor safer for use.   Mr. Shaw says the work is expected to be completed today and that the corridor should not be used by heavy duty vehicles, especially loaded trucks, until the temporary works are completed.