Defective Bridge in Richmond Closed!

Date Published: 
20 Mar 2020

The bridge located near the Old Boxing Plant along the Highgate to Richmond roadway in St. Mary is closed with immediate effect. The National Works Agency (NWA) is warning motorists against using the structure.


NWA’s Senior Communications Officer, Ramona Lawson says last Thursday the bridge’s southern approach was discovered as being defective and the necessary efforts made to reroute motorists. However, some continue to use the area which has deteriorated further over the last week.


She says the bridge’s southern abutment has now failed and boulders are falling from the embankment, which supports the structure, under the weight of vehicles that continue to use it. Physical barriers have been erected at the bridge’s approach to prevent access.


The Agency is urging motorists to use the roadway through Marlborough and Zion Hill when travelling from the direction of Highgate to Richmond. While those travelling towards Richmond can go by way of Clonmel and Allepo.


Driving conditions along the alternative routes are to be improved shortly.