First Legacy Project Delivered: Improved Six Lane Marcus Garvey Drive Completed under MIDP

Date Published: 
03 Nov 2017

Work to improve the travelling experience along Marcus Garvey Drive has been completed. The US$20 million works saw among other things:

• Widening of approximately 2.44 kilometers of the roadway, between East Avenue and Harbour Street. The number of available lanes has increased from four to six.

• Installation of sidewalks on both sides of the road;

• Construction of a median to properly separate eastbound and westbound traffic;

• Realignment of a section of the corridor to improve the transition into Harbour Street;

• Installation/upgrading of eight (8) traffic signals with pedestrian facilities;

• Widening of two box culverts/bridges to accommodate the additional lanes;

• Improvement of drainage infrastructure along the corridor;

• Addition of a new base layer and Asphaltic Concrete;

• Provision of street lights, and

• Installation of requisite signs and road markings.

In general, motorists can expect:

• A projected 30% improvement in the travel time along the corridor;

• Controlled intersections with left in/left out manoeuvers reducing the number of conflict points along the corridor, therefore improving safety;

• Reduction of traffic on local roads thus increasing safety and quality of life in surrounding communities;

• Reduction in fuel consumption by vehicles operating on this corridor;

• Reduction in commuter frustration and

• Reduced vehicular emissions.

In February 2016, the government signed a contract with China Harbour Engineering Limited (CHEC) for the rehabilitation of Marcus Garvey Drive, between East Avenue and Water Lane. Surveys by the National Works Agency had shown that nearly 40,000 vehicles travel along Marcus Garvey Drive daily in both directions.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness who officially opened the road following a ceremony at the HEART Garmex facility urged that the newly upgraded corridor not be seen as an invitation to speed. He said that the government had invested in new technology that would be used to ensure greater compliance with the rules of the road. The NWA has installed cameras at several points along the upgraded corridor which are being used to monitor the flow of traffic.