Four-way stop now in force at Bayside Roundabout

Date Published: 
24 Mar 2020

National Works Agency (NWA) is advising motorists that the location along Port Henderson Road where the Bayside Roundabout was previously located is to now be treated as a four-way stop.


The NWA recently completed works to remove the roundabout facility as part of an extensive project to improve traffic management along the roadway. The project is to be finalized with the installation of traffic signals and signal equipment.


However until these can be put in place and the lights commissioned, all motorists approaching the newly-created T-junction should stop, allowing the first person at the intersection to cross.


The NWA is unable, at this time, to say how soon the traffic signals will be installed as critical signal equipment may have to be procured. The Agency is urging road users to travel safely along the area by heeding the four-way stop warning.


The intersection improvement together with the dualization of Port Henderson Road and the signalization of other critical intersections were completed under the Major Infrastructure Development Programme (MIDP) at cost of over $400 million dollars.