Hughenden roads an absolute mess

Date Published: 
12 Dec 2007


As a young, professional, law-abiding taxpayer of Jamaica who resides in Hughenden, I resent the deplorable condition of roads in the community, which was highlighted in the Tuesday edition of The Gleaner.

I live on Stars Way, a main thoroughfare of the community, and there is no way to travel for any longer than five to 10 seconds at most without plunging into potholes which are transformed into swimming pools when it rains.

Stars Way is indicative of the overall road conditions in the community. Heaps of debris from demolished sections of concrete walls or tiles were thrown in these holes to cushion the rough ride but this is washed away when it rains.

Ad hoc manner

This community has returned Derrick Smith to power, time and time again. Remember, Mr. Smith, many of the citizens - retirees and young professionals - went to the polling stations on September 3 to vote for you because we believed in you. Now that the Jamaica Labour Party is in power, please ensure that the roads are properly fixed and not patched this time in an ad-hoc manner.

If you consider our votes important, please ensure that the roads are fixed promptly.

I am, etc.,


Kingston 8