Impassable Roads in Portland

Date Published: 
21 Dec 2007

The National Works Agency is advising that heavy overnight rains have resulted in sections of the Buff Bay Valley in Portland being impassable, due to landslides.

Manager of Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw says the main roads from Buff Bay to Balcaress and that from Wakefield to Hardwar Gap are now impassable.

Mr. Shaw says the Balcaress main road is impassable in the community of Old Station, while the Wakefield to Hardwar Gap control section is blocked at Cedar Hurst. He says teams have already been mobilsed to reopen the corridors, as soon as possible.

In the meantime, three other corridors that were also affected by landslides have been reopened to single lane access. These are the main roads from School House Corner to Chepstowe, Buff Bay to White Hall and Chips Hall to Durham Gap.

Motorists are being advised to traverse these corridors with extreme caution, as the surrounding hillsides are heavily saturated and can result in further landslides.

Mr. Shaw is also reminding users of the Junction road in St. Mary to be careful along this corridor, as rocks continue to fall on to the roadway. Minor landslides have also being affecting the roadway.