Janga Gully Bridge in Portland Closed with Immediate Effect

Date Published: 
16 Nov 2020

 The National Works Agency (NWA) is advising the public that the Janga Gully Bridge, along the Boundbrook to Janga Gully control section in Portland, is closed with immediate effect. The closure is as a result of a hole that has occurred in the deck of the bridge and which makes it dangerous for both motorists and pedestrians. Manager of Communication at the NWA, Stephen Shaw says that the roadway, along which the bridge is located, is not a through road but it serves several communities in the area. He says the bridge which is approximately three and a half metres in width now only has a two metre section that is not affected by the failure which makes it extremely dangerous for use. The NWA’s Technical Services Department is scheduled to visit the location to assess the condition of the structure. In the meantime the NWA is advising motorists not to attempt to use the bridge under any circumstance. Pedestrians, also, are being urged to exercise caution while using the bridge until the Agency can properly assess its condition and provide further updates.