Major works coming to improve JDF’s South Camp Road Entrance

Date Published: 
01 Mar 2019

The National Works Agency (NWA) is to shortly begin significant works to improve traffic management in relation to the Jamaica Defence Force’s (JDF) South Camp Road entrance.

NWA’s Communication and Customer Services Manager, Stephen Shaw, explains that the project, which is focused primarily on intersection improvement, is to facilitate the relocation of the JDF’s main entrance to Canon Gate, located directly opposite to Arnold Road.

Mr. Shaw says that at the end of the project, a higher-capacity four-way intersection will be created at the new Canon Ball Gate/Arnold Road entrance with the addition of exclusive right and left turning lanes in and out of the JDF facility. The upgraded intersection will be signalized.

The project also involves road widening works as well as the upgrading of sections of the existing pavement and some drainage features along the project area.

The length of South Camp Road between the JDF’s existing main gate and Arnold Road will be widened to accommodate two additional lanes of traffic while 120 meters of Arnold Road will be paved up to the intersection.

Currently, vehicles entering and exiting the JDF’s existing main entrance, which is situated less than 100 meters from the busy Tom Redcam/South Camp Road intersection, interrupt the smooth flow of traffic along the roadway.

The project, which is valued at US $2.2 million dollars is slated to be completed over a six-month period. The works are being done under the Major Infrastructure Development Programme (MIDP).