NWA completing $1.7 million deck replacement works on Ramble Bridge, St. Thomas

Date Published: 
13 Aug 2020


The National Works Agency (NWA) is currently in the middle of executing a four-day project to replace the deck of the Ramble Bridge in St. Thomas. The works is the continuation of a project the Agency undertook last summer, which saw only half of the bridge’s deck being replaced then.


NWA Communications and Customer Services Manager, Stephen Shaw assures the motoring public that the current activities will not impact the movement of traffic across the bridge. He explains that the timber slabs are being replaced one at a time so as to allow motorists continued access. The bridge is otherwise structurally sound.


The works, which is valued at some $1.7 million dollars and which is expected to be completed this weekend, is one of a number of projects which form part of the NWA’s ongoing Maintenance of Secondary Roads Programme. The Agency is proposing to spend some $4 billion dollars under the programme on the rehabilitation of various classes of roadways, drains and bridge structures across the island.