NWA responding to challenges with restricted movements through Three Miles

Date Published: 
10 Sep 2018

The National Works Agency (NWA) continues to review its traffic management arrangements as it seeks to reduce delays along corridors in the Corporate Area, resulting from restrictions through the Three Miles area.

Senior Engineers along with senior police personnel this afternoon met at the NWA, where the team discussed several strategies which are aimed at having traffic moved through critical intersections. Resulting from today’s meeting more modifications will be made to traffic flows.

Manager, Comunication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw says based on the reviews conducted by the engineers and the police, a major source of the delays that were encountered was due to unruly behavior by some motorists. The NWA and the police have therefore decided to restrict movement along Gretna Green Avenue.

Mr. Shaw says motorists today attempted to use Gretna Green Avenue as a bypass to traffic flowing along Hagley Park Road, which in effect contributed to the gridlock experienced by motorists at the Hagley Park Road/ Waltham Park Road instersection. Access to Waltham Park Road through the Total Gas Station at the intersection of Waltham Park Road and Gretna Green Avenue will also be restricted. Some motorists also used the road through the Gas Station as a bypass.

Other changes that will be made include access being granted to vehicular traffic along Hagley Park Road from the direction of the Waltham Park Road/Hagley Park Road intersection, heading towards Half Way Tree.

Mr. Shaw says that buses operated by the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) and franchise operators will be allowed to use Olympic Way and Bay Farm Road to access Spanish Town Road. Openings in the median along Spanish Town Road, between Majestic Gardens and Penwood Road will also be closed.

Mr. Shaw is reminding persons that Henley Avenue and Penwood Road are available for persons wishing to travel towards Half Way Tree from Spanish Town Road.