NWA Teams responding to flooding and landslides in some parishes

Date Published: 
26 Aug 2021

Teams from the National Works Agency (NWA) have been engaged to respond to issues of flooding, landslides and rock fall in several parishes. The Tropical Wave that is now impacting the country has affected roads in the parishes of St. Thomas, St. Andrew, St. Catherine, Clarendon and St. Elizabeth.


Manager Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw says that more than 10 corridors across the parishes have been impacted. In St. Elizabeth, a section of the town of Balaclava was flooded. The roads from Pedro Cross to Lititz and Wilton to Union were also flooded and impassable.


In Manchester, flooding is being experienced along the road from Alligator Pond to Gutt River, while in Clarendon, sections of the roads from Rock River to Moores, Danks to Crofts Hill and Chateau to Moores are being impacted by landslides and washed down silt.

Still in Clarendon, flooding is impacting the roads from Toll Gate to Rest, May Pen to Soursop Turn and the Aenon Town community.


Mr. Shaw says that in St. Thomas, a major breakaway has closed the main road between Bethel and White Ford at Mount Vernon, while flooding is being experienced along the road from Bath to Hordley and in Port Morant Square.

The Bog Walk Gorge that was closed earlier today, remains inaccessible to motorists. The flood waters have receded, however, the NWA is yet to complete its inspection of the corridor to ascertain whether it is suitable to facilitate motorists at this time.                                          

Mr. Shaw is advising that motorists, especially those operating along corridors in the southern parishes of Manchester, Clarendon and sections of St. Catherine take serious precaution as the heavy rains continue to impact these parishes.

Marcus Garvey Drive, which earlier today was flooded near Tinson Pen is once again open to vehicular traffic as the storm water flows have receded.