NWA tweaking traffic management changes

Date Published: 
02 Sep 2019

The National Works Agency (NWA) will be tweaking some of the changes made to reduce congestion levels on major corridors in the Corporate Area. The changes were implemented yesterday in anticipation of the start of the new school year.

Among the changes that were announced were the permanent closure of Chesterfield Drive, the signalization of several intersections and the restriction of movements along certain corridors.

Manager, Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw says that the overall plan for the movement of traffic around the capital city worked, but there is a need to tweak the arrangements.

One immediate change that has been made is the reversal of the permanent closure of Chesterfield Drive. The road has been reopened but will only accommodate left in and left out traffic. What this means is that persons travelling from the direction of Downtown Kingston or the Portmore Toll Road will be able to use Chesterfield Drive to access Spanish Town Road. Motorists will be able to travel from Spanish Town Road along Chesterfield Drive to Marcus Garvey Drive but will only be able to travel towards Three Miles or Hagley Park Road as no right turn is being allowed onto Marcus Garvey Drive.

Mr. Shaw says that the traffic signals at intersection of Chesterfield Drive and Marcus Garvey Drive will be re-positioned and synchronized with those at the start of the Portmore Toll Road. The opening in the median along Marcus Garvey Drive that would have allowed right turning movements has also been closed.

Persons traveling from the direction of Six Miles along Spanish Town Road, wishing to go along Marcus Garvey Drive are being encouraged to travel through Portia Simpson Miller Square on the lower bridge, then along Development Road to Ashenheim Road which then takes them back onto Marcus Garvey Drive.

Mr. Shaw says the NWA teams observed slow movements along a section of Spanish Town Road and that changes have been made to the timings to the traffic signals at Development Road, Waltham Park Road, at St. Andrew Technical High School and at Industrial Terrace.

He says the Agency over the next few days will be re-marking sections of Spanish Town Road in order to maximize on the use of the available lanes by the motoring public.