NWA undertakes 100 million dollar road rehabilitation in Portland

Date Published: 
03 May 2022


Work is to begin shortly on the main road from Zion Hill to Breastworks in Portland. The road is to be rehabilitated by the National Works Agency (NWA) against the background of the billion-dollar effort, now underway to modernize the stretch from Port Antonio to Boston. 


Manager for Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw says 100 million dollars will be spent on the road from Zion Hill, through Sherwood Forest, Nonsuch and Breastworks. The corridor is being rehabilitated in parts to facilitate traffic as a bypass for the works now taking place under the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project (SCHIP), from Port Antonio to Boston.


Mr. Shaw says that the NWA does recognize the challenges now being experienced by some commuters along the Port Antonio to Fairy Hill section of the corridor and is executing this project with a view to reducing delays. The 17 kilometre stretch of roadway will undergo improvement, including the cutting of overhanging trees, reconstruction in sections, patching, drain cleaning and the construction of a retaining wall.


Mr. Shaw, says works on the main road will continue for a period of four months and that motorists using the corridor during this period are advised to obey the instructions of flag persons and posted warning signs.