NWA Urges persons to observe road marking guidelines this Labour Day

Date Published: 
22 May 2023

As Jamaicans prepare to observe National Labour Day tomorrow May 23, the National Works Agency (NWA) is reminding persons that there are guidelines/parameters that govern the painting of pedestrian crossings and other road markings.


Pedestrian crossings are important road markings that help to manage how pedestrians interact with traffic and the specifications that regulate the installations of such markings help to reduce pedestrian injury or fatalities


Manager of Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw, outlines that for a newly installed pedestrian crossing to take legal effect, it must first be approved and gazetted. He says there are also legal dimensions that must be adhered to, including the colour of these pedestrian crossings which must be white. Of critical importance also is the installation of the appropriate signage in the vicinity of the crossing.


A standard pedestrian crossing is characterized by two parallel continuous lines, 0.20 metres wide, drawn across the roadway and in between white stripes, 0.60 metres wide and 0.60 metres apart. Across the approaches to the pedestrian crossing a stop line should be placed within 3 to 5 metres of the actual crossing. A centreline 0.10m wide should be installed no less than 25 m on all approaches.


Mr. Shaw notes that failure to follow the guidelines can result in crossings being placed in dangerous locations; as well as reduce the likelihood of an appropriate legal remedy should there be an accident at the location.


He further states that persons who wish to carry out projects along the island’s main roads are being encouraged to engage the NWA’s technical team, in their respective parishes, for assistance and advice.


The dimensions and further instructions can be accessed under the Services tab on the NWA’s Website at www.nwa.gov.jm.