NWA working to restore traffic flow along some corridors following heavy rains

Date Published: 
25 Sep 2023
Teams from the National Works Agency (NWA) are now responding to incidents in the Parishes of St. Catherine, St. Mary and Portland following heavy rainfall across sections of the island.   In St. Catherine, the Tulloch to Zion Hill corridor was impacted by debris reulting from landslides and fallen tress. The corridor has now been reopened to single lane traffic flow.   A similar situation exists in St. Mary, along the Richmond to Kendal corridor, where one lane has also been cleared to allow for free passage after being blocked by fallen trees.   Impacted also, is the Fair Prospect to Folly Main Road in Portland, which is currently reduced to single lane traffic due to land slippage in the area.   There are also unofficial reports of flooding in other areas across the island. The Agency is advising persons to exercise extreme caution and to avoid flooded roadways as they risk exposing themselves to grave danger.