Rehabilitative work along Steven Run to Gazeland Road, St Elizabeth

Date Published: 
05 Mar 2024

Motorists travelling along the Steven Run to Gazeland parochial road in Southeastern St Elizabeth are to expect some delays during their commute, as rehabilitation work is carried out on sections of the corridor.  The undertaking commenced on March 4, 2024.

Manager Communication and Customer Services at the National Works Agency Stephen Shaw says the scope of work along the corridor includes Bushing and site clearance, cleaning of side drains and earth drains, sheet patching, and asphaltic concrete overlay and should be completed in six months.

That the rehabilitative work comes at a cost of over thirty million dollars and will allow for easier movement of residents travelling to and from communities such as Top Hill, Southfield, Lititz, Myersville, Red Bank, Gutters, and Treasure Beach.

Motorists and pedestrians are advised to obey the instructions of the flagmen, Flood lights and traffic signs that are posted along this busy corridor.