Restricted access along some St. Thomas roadways still

Date Published: 
07 Oct 2020
Following two days of torrential rainfall associated with hurricane Delta, the National Works Agency (NWA) is still working to reopen a number of roadways in St. Thomas. Previously flooded corridors such as Bath to Hordley, Hordley to Haning and Morant Bay to Port Morant in eastern St. Thomas are now passable as floodwaters have receded.   Manager, Communication and Customer Services Manager at the NWA, Stephen Shaw however says the roadway from Dalvey Housing Scheme to Golden Grove remains impassable due to flooding. Mr. Shaw says that while the roadways from Windsor Forest to Cedar Valley and Mahogany Vale are currently being cleared to re-establish access, motorists must exercise caution when using these corridors.   He says it is still raining in these areas and so persons who have to use the fording between Hagley Gap and Mahogany Vale have to be mindful of the rising river. The roadway from Williamsfield to Cedar Grove, which was impassable up to yesterday has now been opened to single lane.   The Agency continues to discourage motorists as well as pedestrians from attempting to use flooded roadways or bridges that have been closed.