Saving the Palisadoes

Date Published: 
21 Dec 2007

The Editor, Sir:

Some $500 million has been approved to begin the reconstruction of the Palisadoes strip that continues to be severely destroyed by storm surges, according to a Gleaner report.

That peninsula is the sole road access to the Norman Manley International airport and if there never exists the historic community of Port Royal, then we might do well to relocate the airport to Vernamfield, Clarendon. It, therefore, is of dire importance that that corridor be preserved.

What, I think, needs to happen is that waterways be created along the strip, under bridges, to channel tidal surges into a strengthened Kingston Harbour, in addition to directing excessive push of the sea into the Portmore dykes (and in Bull Bay channels) to accommodate excessive surge of the sea.

The Dutch have successfully battled and beat back the North Sea and have reclaimed thousands of acres of land for agricultural purposes. Parts of the Netherlands are below sea level, yet they suffer not the damaging effect of floods. We need to call on their expertise to help us preserve the airport strip, which might be less expensive than relocating the Jamaica gateway.

I am, etc.,