Section of Luana to Tombstone Main Road to be closed Wednesday

Date Published: 
29 Jun 2020

A section of the Luana to Tombstone main road, in the vicinity of the Bubbling Spring Park in St Elizabeth, will be closed for three days, starting this Wednesday July 1, 2020. The road is being closed in order to facilitate the replacement of defective culverts and repaving and is expected to reopen on Friday. During the period of the closure, traffic will be diverted. Motorists travelling from the direction of Black River and heading towards Santa Cruz will turn left onto the Point community road, then right in the vicinity of the Middle Quarters Primary School, which leads back onto the main road. The reverse obtains for motorists travelling from the direction of Santa Cruz and heading towards Black River. The work which is valued at two million dollars is being done to augment the flood mitigation effort which is now underway across the parish. Some six million dollars is being spent by the NWA to clean drains across the parish of St. Elizabeth. The works form part of the first phase of the NWA’s island-wide Flood Mitigation Programme. The NWA is encouraging motorists who will be using the Tombstone to Luana main road over the three day period from Wednesday to Friday of this week to exercise caution during the period of closure and to obey the instructions of flag persons and posted warning signs.