Sections of Roadway to Brandon Hill, St. Andrew being impacted by landslides

Date Published: 
16 Sep 2020

Several areas along the Stony Hill to Toms River roadway in St. Andrew are now being affected by landslides in the area of Brandon Hill. The National Works Agency first received reports of landslides occurring along the corridor on Monday and has been responding to subsequent events since. 

NWA Communications Manager, Stephen Shaw, says works to clear the roadway is ongoing with activities taking place overnight into early Wednesday morning. He explains however that the efforts have been hampered by loose material continuously falling onto the roadway.

As the NWA team works to remove the deposited material, Mr. Shaw is urging motorists to proceed with caution particularly in areas where heavy equipment is engaged. The landslides which began affecting the area on Monday, had reduced the roadway to single lane at some sections.