Travel restrictions for Junction Road to advance works and in the interest of public safety

Date Published: 
21 Feb 2020

As we approach the final phase of works on the Junction Road project in St. Mary, the Contractors will, over the next two weeks, redouble their efforts to advance activities at two critical areas of the project. Come Tuesday, February 25 works will begin at Georgia to reinstate newly-laid culverts which were burnt out from beneath the roadway.


National Works Agency (NWA) Communication and Customer Services Manager, Stephen Shaw says works will also be done at Broadgate to complete the removal of an embankment which overhangs the roadway. Mr. Shaw explains that this is to create the space required for the new road.


He says Broadgate remains a delicate space to work in due to its very unstable shale hillsides and the NWA notes with concern recent media reports of the purported impact of the activities on some road users. The Agency continues to ensure that the works are undertaken with due care for public safety.


As such the planned works at Georgia and Broadgate over the next two weeks will necessitate travel restrictions along sections of the corridor.


Starting Tuesday, February 25 motorists will be able to use the ‘Junction Road’ between Broadgate and the Westmoreland Bridge up to 9 a.m. and after 4 p.m. each day. During the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. motorists can opt to use the roadway through Grandie Hole, which is in good driving condition. The North/South highway also remains an alternative.


The travel restrictions will apply on all public holidays and weekends that fall within the period and will remain under review and could be adjusted if required. Following the two-week period, the improved two-kilometer section of the corridor between Agualta Vale and the Westmoreland Bridge will be put into full service.


Tidying up works will be carried out along the stretch and the roadway temporarily marked.