Tyrone's Watch - Hughenden's Hellholes

Date Published: 
11 Dec 2007


There is absolutely nothing glittery about Stars Way, one of many pothole-filled roads in the middle-income community of Hughenden, St. Andrew.

Roadways in Hughenden are an eyesore. Craters are many and the pothole network's coverage of the thoroughfare is wider than that of any telecommunications entity.

Fearing it could get any worse, which seems impossible, residents are demanding immediate action from the authorities.


It is no secret that a vast percentage of the thoroughfares in Jamaica are in need of repairs, but when was the last time you saw a mechanic repairing a vehicle while sitting in a pothole?

Well, this was the case when Tyrone's Watch visited the area last week.

A Mrs. Thomas, resident of Stars Way since the 1960s, said the roads have been a wreck for quite some time. The neglect, she said, only serves to make matters worse for the residents and commuters who are left facing big vehicular repair bills.

The mechanic, who was sitting in the pothole fixing a car's front-end, said Stars Way was just a fraction of Hughenden's disgraceful road situations.

He noted that other roads, such as Games Avenue and Orchard Avenue, all needed facelifts, which did not seem forthcoming, soon.


As has been said a million times before, consistency is better than intensity. Why wait until the thoroughfares are so eroded that an expansive labour- and funds-intensive project becomes necessary instead of regular maintenance?

Certainly this would prevent severe deterioration and the long wait usually associated with getting funds for these projects.

National Security Minister Derrick Smith, the Member of Parliament for the North West St. Andrew constituency, in which Hughenden is located, will have more than the crime monster to tackle in the coming months.

- Marlon Vickerman


A representative from the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation's road and works unit said the agency was responsible for the thoroughfare, but had no knowledge of whether