NWA Bridges and Roads

The National Works Agency has 736 bridges in its database. These are of varying types ranging from Steel Beams, Arch, Concrete Girders to Truss Bridges. Of this number, the NWA has identified 149 that are in need of rehabilitation or replacement. Two main programmes – R. A. Murray and Mabey and Johnson will see over 80 bridges being designed and supplied over the next three years. In addition, as part of Segment Three  of the NJDP contract, 21 bridges will undergo extensive restoration work, with eight others being replaced.

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The National Works Agency has 770 roads in its database divided into three categories, Arterial or Class A roads, Secondary or Class B roads and Tertiary or Class C roads. This figure comes up to about 4,800 km of road, whether it is surface is dressed, covered in asphaltic concrete, unasphalted, if it is made up purely of gravel or if the surface is both dressed and has asphaltic concrete.

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