General Road Repairs and Maintenance

Workmen repairing Old Harbour Square
Workmen repairing Old Harbour Square
Parishsort descending Road Section Project Type Road Type Status
Clarendon Spalding To Cave Valley Patching NWA 100%
Clarendon Dry Hill Road Rehabilitation Parish Council 100%
Clarendon Brooks Avenue Patching NWA 100%
Clarendon Summerfield To Thompson Town Rehab Patching NWA 100%
Hanover Haughton Court-Lances Bay Patching NWA 20%
Hanover Albert Town – Troy Patching NWA 20%
Hanover Flint River - Cascade Patching NWA 20%
Hanover Shettlewood-MackField Patching NWA 100%
Hanover Shettlewood-Chester Castle Patching NWA 40%
Hanover Cash Hill-Dundee Patching NWA 20%