General Road Repairs and Maintenance

Workmen repairing Old Harbour Square
Workmen repairing Old Harbour Square
Parish Road Sectionsort ascending Project Type Road Type Status
St. Catherine Spanish Town to Bamboo Patching NWA 40%
Clarendon Spalding To Cave Valley Patching NWA 100%
Manchester South Race Course/Main Street/Hargreaves Link Traffic Management Parish Council Awarded
Kingston South Parade Road Rehabilitation NWA 70%
Clarendon Sour Sop Turn To Danks Patching NWA 100%
St. Elizabeth Smoothland To Mount Plymouth Road Rehabilitation Parish Council 100%
Clarendon Smithville - Effort Road Rehabilitation NWA 100%
St. Catherine Sligoville to Spanish Town Periodic Maintenance NWA Pending
St. Catherine Sinclair Drive Road Rehabilitation Parish Council Pending
Portland Silver Hill Road Road Rehabilitation Parish Council Awarded