The documentation Centre was launched on July 2, 2001 to support the NWA with the strategic objective to be the primary source of formation on road infrastructure and associate works and services.

The Centre is located on the ground floor of the Agency's Corporate Office and serves both staff and the general public in addressing their information needs, particularly on matters relevant to:

  • Roads
  • Traffic Management
  • Bridges
  • River Training/Flood Control

Its Functions include

  • Collecting, collating and disseminating informational materials that support the programmes being undertaken by the Agency.
  • Acting as a reference centre for information on road infrastructure and related subjects.
  • Acting as a repository for all NWA Research Reports and all other documents produced by the Agency.
  • Coordinating activities for the Technology Transfer Centre.

Scope of its Collection

The Documentation Centre houses a variety of documents covering a wide range of subjects. The collection includes:

  • Road Construction
  • Materials Testing
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Bridge Construction
  • Planning
  • Flood Control
  • Environment
  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Highway Systems

Special Collection

The Documentation Centre also houses the Technology Transfer Centre's collection. We presently have materials on the following subjects:

  • Bridge Construction
  • Geo-technical Engineering
  • Land Use and Urban Development
  • Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Road Safety
  • Traffic Control

Planning and Construction Drawings

The Centre has in its holdings a collection of drawings of works undertaken by the NWA and the Ministry of Construction and Works. Included in this collection are drawings of roads, bridges, culverts, buildings, walls and topographical and planimetric drawings of Jamaica.