Pedestrian Crossings

Half Way Tree

Procedure for Installation

A written request (ideally addressed to the CEO and/or Director of Planning and Research) for the installation of a new pedestrian crossing may come from members of the public, members of the local traffic authority, developers or service clubs. 

Stakeholders are required to write to the NWA, clearly identifying the location and also describing the particular concern that they may have with respect to the safety of pedestrians in this area.

Upon receipt of the request, the NWA will within three (3) weeks dispatch officers to begin the assessment. The officers will conduct a site investigation and determine if further studies (pedestrian and vehicle counts) are required and upon completion of the studies, a needs assessment is done and a recommendation made.

Priority is given to locations where the vulnerable or at risk groups are regular users of the crossing.

Once the location has been assessed and favorable recommendations made, a proposal is sent to the Ministry of Housing Transport Water and Works to install the pedestrian crossing.

PDF icon No Illegal Painting of Pedestrian Crossings