Frequently Asked Questions

The application was pre-processed and the additional information is required to complete the processing. If the information is not submitted within the specified time noted in our letter, the application will be refused for lack of information.


a.      Topography/ contours

b.     Road profiles and cross sections

c.      Interception along roadways

d.     Details of all existing and proposed drainage infrastructure


a.     Topography/ contours

b.     Interception and disposal of roof water and surface water within the site

c.      Details of existing and proposed drainage infrastructure

The services of a Registered Architect and/ or Engineer should be retained for development applications and subdivisions amounting to 10 lots and over.

The applicant is advised to thoroughly complete the application form when submitting applications at the Parish Councils/NEPA. Contact information should be clearly stated (name, address, email and telephone numbers). Surveyors are advised that any information in relation to the subdivision, for example, location of existing access points, existing buildings, etc. should be clearly stated in the comments section of the form or illustrated on plan.
Drainage plans are required for all subdivisions 10 lots and over and development applications. However, there are instances that a drainage plan will be required for subdivisions under ten lots.